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We have “Off the shelf” solutions, as well as, a full support staff to help you with your unique piping support and corrosion issues from conception, to design, manufacturing and delivery, to installation.
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Our range of products are available for the harsh environments of onshore and offshore Marine, Storage, Oil and Gas Refining, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, where  our superior products used, the ease of installation and our cost effectiveness are major factors in helping our clients easily eliminate their pipe corrosion issues.
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All component materials can be manufactured from Poly composites, steel and alloys, including stainless steels.
Poly composite materials also suitable for cryogenic services in most cases.
Can be used for cable racks as well. Client to advise cable rack widths.
Comes standard with a non-slip base, reducing the installation and maintenance costs.
Components can be coated with Molybenim disulphate to reduce friction at the support/pipe interface.
Can be supplied with galvanized, powder coating, passivation (stainless steel), painted and epoxy coating.
Can be supplied with varying heights to suit clients need, not to exceed 3″ from Bottom of Pipe (BOP) to Top of Steel (TOS).
Poly composite material is about 80% lighter than steel.
Poly composite materials are acid and UV resistant.
All products are patented.

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