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We are a Lake Charles, LA – based company specializing in pipe support corrosion mitigation.
Our products are used in Oil and Gas and all allied industries.
“Lift Off” Pipe Supports also provides the following services:

  • Patented material and design
  • Manufacturing process
  • Blanks produced to specified widths
  • Final profiles cut and finished
  • Packed and shipped worldwide
  • Design support and site services
  • Mechanical; Durability and integrity specialists
  • Installation support: Marine, Storage, Refining, Chemical
  • Inspection; spares; logistic services

Our expertise has been gained through design engineering, manufacturing and on-site installations worldwide.
We are in close proximity to the U. S. Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Industry, centrally located between Houston and New Orleans.


Corrosion Issues

Lift-off pipe supports is the cutting-edge technology that solves the issues of corrosion control that corrosion professionals have been dealing with for years.

For decades, corrosion professionals have made great strides in developing cutting-edge technologies, employing effective management practices, and increasing public awareness about the critical need for corrosion control worldwide.

Best-Practice Engineering Saves Billions of Dollars

The U.S. corrosion cost study has determined, however, that incorporating the latest corrosion control strategies still requires widespread changes in industry management and government policies as well as additional advances in science and technology. Implementation of best-practice engineering in every sector could save billions of dollars in the long run.

(Extract from NACE PUB. NO. FHWA-RD-01-156)


Our patented simple solutions offer your facility long-term lower costs in pipe maintenance by mitigating corrosion at pipe support points. 

It’s not too late to eliminate crevice corrosion at your site!

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