Advantages of Our Products


  • “Lift-Off” product range can be manufactured from carbon, high and low alloy, stainless steels, carbon and polymer composites.
  • “Lift-Off” pipe supports DO NOT require any hot work to install (in most cases).
  • No limits on configurations i.e. guides, line stops, etc., the line is always sitting on the Lift-Off base.
  • Used for acoustic and vibration reduction.
  • Low coefficient of friction: µ=0.05 to 0.2.
  • Other coatings i.e. Teflon™, powder coatings, galvanizing, etc., can also be applied to client’s specification.
  • “Lift-Off” pipe support systems are developed to increase the life span of piping systems by reducing crevice corrosion.
  • The “Lift-Off” design is a “patented pipe support system” that increases fluid drainage, thereby reducing corrosion and fluid hang-up, a major cause of coating blistering and degradation.
  • “Lift-Off” also has the advantage of distributing the pipe load over a larger area, thereby reducing stress on the coating.
  • We estimate the average load area has been increased by a minimum of 4 times therefore reducing the cost of replacing the lines.
  • All component materials can be manufactured from Poly composites, steel, and alloys, including stainless steel.
  • Components can be coated with to reduce friction at the support/pipe interface to 0.1.
  • All our products can be mounted on spring can load plates.
  • Excellent electrical resistivity properties.
  • Increased pipe support lifespan compared to similar products.
  • Our products carry the full documentation, material traceability and identification.
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