News, Events and Trade Shows

March 19-22, 2023: We will be demonstrating our unique Pipe Supports at the AMPP Convention and Trade show in Denver, CO.

December 2022: We will be presenting our Products ate the NISTM trade show from the 6 to 7th December, 2022. Be sure to stop by and get the latest update on our products.

October 2022: We will be exhibiting our “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports at the Prime Expo Conference, which is a Technical exhibition of the latest products on the market.
The venue is: The Pasadena Convention center, 7902 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77507.
Please register for free prior to attending.
We hope to see you there.
Please drop by and visit us at booth 511.

August 2020: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has added their “LORG” Guide inserts to their range of existing products.
The LORG is specifically manufactured to prevent the pipe guides from damaging the coating during line expansion and contraction caused by guide sharp edges.
The LORG is manufactured to all structural shapes, RSA and RSC’s.

April 2020: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports manufactured LOR (Lift-Off Rest) supports to suit a client’s immediate need.

Jan  2020: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has completed a pipe support survey for two tank farms and one loading facility. The project consisted of surveying 1500 pipe supports in a record time of two (2) weeks. The report consisted of full technical recommendations to the client.

Jan  2020: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports was asked to manufacture 20 LOR supports for a refinery. Our company manufactured the pipe supports in three (3) days to meet the client’s deadline.

Sep 2019: “Lift-off” Pipe Supports has added the LORA and LORP to their existing range of pipe support product range.

Feb 2019:“Lift-off” Pipe Supports recently supplied 28 LOR pipe supports for lines sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″.  All of these supports were installed in the record time of only 1 hour!  The construction company advised that installation of the same number of competing products would have taken a full 6 days.

Dec, 2018: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has supplied 250 pipe supports to a well known oil and gas company.  These supports were destined for pipe sizes that ranged from 4″ through 42″ on supporting beams of 8″ through 12″.

Sep, 2018: 2019 Innovation Award of NACE International
“Lift-Off” Pipe Supports is nominated for the 2019 Innovation Award of NACE International. Our “Lift-Off” Pipe Rests (LOR) was selected as one of the 5 finalists in the materials and design category of 41 entries. We were 1 out of 5 finalists in the materials and design category.

1 August, 2018: “Lift-off” pipe supports has introduced our advanced LOR material pipe support.

15 May, 2018 : “Lift-Off” Pipe Lift Off Rest (LOR) Product is now a fully patented product.

30 APRIL–3 MAY 2018: ‘Lift-Off” Pipe Supports LLC was well received at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2018.

31 Oct, 2017: Pipe support comparisons

23 Sept, 2017: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has designed a new printing arrangement to cater for cold insulated pipe.

8 Sept, 2017: Tank Storage Magazine – New Pipe Support Barrier Reduces Corrosion and Installation Costs. Learn more here at:

8 Sept, 2017: Oilman Magazine – Check out our corrosion solutions here.

14 July, 2017: New Pipe Support Barrier Reduces Corrosion and Installation Costs

12 July, 2017: Company has implemented an Inventory Barcode System to track all pipe supports from inventory control to installation with the GS1 System used throughout the USA.

25 June, 2017: Trial fitting of a 6LOH for a 2” line prior to shipping. The width is only 1.75”. Load test completed at 4000lbs.

15 June, 2017: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has successfully designed, manufactured, tested and installed the LOR and LORAN patented supports for a new client.

8 June, 2017: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports, a Lake Charles, La. company has successfully designed, manufactured and tested a unique pipe support method to address pipe corrosion at the support point.

  • The “Lift-Off” pipe support compliments most regular supports by introducing a load bearing barrier between the pipe and the support element, where corrosion normally occurs trapping liquids and damaging protective coatings.
  • “Lift-Off” addresses this situation by draining the trapped liquid by means of a set of polished lobes, reducing friction as well as assisting the flow of liquid from the piping.
  • In addition to the draining aspect, once the liquid has been drained, the support also has reverse convection to dry out the piping and support contact points, thereby mitigating moisture absorption into the coating and blistering. Lift-Off” pipe supports are designed for the Marine, O&G, Utility, Food Processing, Chemical and other allied industries where accessibility is at a premium. Available pipe support sizes: 1″ to 24″.

6 June, 2017: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has successful delivered our 8LORB pipe supports for a pipeline company with very good results.

1 May, 2017:“Lift-Off” pipe Supports have received the Patent certificate from the United States Patent Office. Other products are patent pending and the trademark has been registered.

14 August, 2016: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports has introduced their New Large Diameter Pipe Supports, from line sizes 8″ to 48″. The design caters for non-insulated lines.

  • The design was developed for customers that require reductions in construction, inspection and maintenance costs.
  • The slide plate or bearing plate can also be removed and replaced very easily (Lift the line up, remove the old wear pad, drop the new pad in and lower the line in position, done).
  • The supports can be bolted, welded or installed with most common fastening methods. The slide plates can be made from a large variety of materials.
  • The support raises the line by approximately 5/8″ off the support beam (variable height), to allow for drainage.
  • The design also caters for convection currents to dry out the support and is also less susceptible to UV and atmospheric conditions, as conventional supports often fail due to UV and differential expansion with the mating parts.

19 June 2016: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports have installed a line stop on a highly vibrating line in record time “without any hot-work”. The installation was performed in about 10 minutes, once access was allowed. Results were “very positive”.

3 June 2016: “Lift-Off” Pipe Supports have successfully designed, manufactured and tested our new range of Carbon-Fiber (CF) and Fiber-Composite (FCA) pipe supports. Our studies have found that Marine and High Salinity resistant pipe supports have not addressed the situation adequately. Specifically the draining of trapped liquids at the pipe support, a major contributor to pipe corrosion.
The supports are able to withstand Cryogenic, flame/fire resisting conditions coupled with a BIG REDUCTION IN WEIGHT without sacrificing strength.