Frequent Questions and Answers


Q: Is this design only for uninsulated pipe?
A: Yes, our primary goal is to reduce crevice corrosion at the pipe supports.  Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) can be addressed separately.
Q: What is the estimated time for installation?
A: On the 2” pipe size, mounted at 4ft above grade, should take about 10 minutes after the line has been lifted about 1 inch off the support steel.
Q: Can you install these supports where a line shoe has fallen off the support steel work?
A: Yes, we can install these supports with modifications and once again No Hot Work Is Needed on most of our designs.
Q: We have other supports that have corroded and we need to replace them. Can you advise what line of products would be the best replacements?
A: Yes. We have Engineers, Technicians, Sales Staff, and have partnered with very reputable companies to accomplish the same standards that we have set to advise our clients with the best approach and solutions.
Q: What kind of tools do we need to install the supports?
A: No special tools are required, but an investment in a pipe raising device may be required, which we can advise on.
Q: Can we use these supports for coating protection during transportation?
A: Yes you can. We recommend at least two supports per 20 feet  lengths.
Q: Do you manufacture supports for all beam sizes?
A: Yes we do. The Client just provides the beam or structural section sizes.
Q: What about large orders? What is your production capacity?
A: We can manufacture in excess of 100 supports per day. We need at least two (2) weeks’ notice. Orders over this requirement are to be discussed with our representatives.
Q: We have off-shore pipe support situations and we are not sure if the supports or the piping is adequate. Can you perform off-shore visits?
A: Yes. We have the experience with Off-Shore piping worldwide and can perform the required surveys.
Q: We require that all supports are made in the USA. Where are your supports made?
A: All of our supports are designed, manufactured and tested in the USA.
Q: We have hangers that trap liquid at certain locations. Do you also supply these?
A: Yes we do. This is another one of our patented designs with integral drainage.
Q: What is your best delivery? Such as needing a few supports urgently.
A: If the items are in stock, one or two days delivery time. Designing from scratch, takes about a week from our facilities in Lake Charles, LA.
Q: We have sloping lines. Can your supports address this?
A: Yes we can without a problem.
Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes. Credit cards are readily accepted.